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February 27th, 2007

UK Webmaster Forums member Kasheme (bdseo ) started a thread called suggestion from successful directory owners , where he asked successful web directory owners to give tips on how to run a successful web directory. Many members contributed, in fact it lead to a mini article which was blogged by another member Bagi Zoltan.

BDSEO update the thread recently, pointing out that much attention was not paid to marketing aspects of web directory ownership. This blog will attempt to start discussion on how to market a web directory.

Marketing a Web Directory is really not very different from marketing any other website, however, the nature of the business of a web directory presents it with additional marketing opportunities. This post will focus on those additional marketing opportunities rather than the general website promotion that applies to every website. To do this effectively so that webmasters can just browse through this article I will like the additional promotion opportunities and add little comments for explanation:

1. Ask your users to link back to you. -Even if your web directory is not a reciprocal link directory, asking users who appreciate the service your directory offer to link back to you will not only build valuable backlinks, it will also drive traffic to your website.

2. Partner with other directories - One of the most valuable pages of a web directory is its exit page. After users have completed the submission process to your website, they could be taken to a Thank you! page, on this page you thank the customer for adding their site to you directory and recommend other directories, this space should be exchange so that you recommend directory A and directory A do the same for you on similar page on their directory.

3. Email communication with users - When users add their site to your directory, an email should be send to let them know the submission has been received, subtle promotion can be added to this message to tell customers about other services your directory offer.

3a. When a submission is reviewed, whether accepted or rejected, an email is sent to a user, this is another promotion opportunity for your web directory.

4. Offer link to the poor - There are some website owners who cannot afford the cost of inclusion in some paid web directory. If your director is a paid directory, you can ask such users to blog about your directory of give a sort of feedback that will help promote your director in exchange for a free link.

5. Get testimonials from people who your directory has helped. - If you find webmasters who has benefited tremendously from listing in your web directory, get then to give you a testimonial, this is an effective promotion tool.

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