Web Development is a very interesting topic and one that has become more and more prevalent in mainstream conversation over recent years. This is no accident – web development has become such an integral part of so many businesses that as an industry it has actually created and magnified its own importance. Whereas a few years ago businesses concentrated on traditional media to reach their customers, nowadays many businesses operate wholly online, using the internet and e-mail to create a low-cost, high-profit business web development solution to market their products to a wide audience. Many people have been so successful with their approach that they’ve caused a huge wave of people following in their wake, to the point that now even well established offline companies now look for web development opportunities to create a presence on the internet.


Learning web development and creating your own little piece of virtual real estate in the form of an internet web site is easier than you think and with all of the fierce competition between web hosting companies for customers, web development gets easier every day. Before you start building your online empire through web development, it is important to consider the type of web development you’ll be doing. To do that, it is necessary to understand the different types of web hosting available. The current types of web hosting packages available include ones that operate under proprietary operating system software (hosting packages suited to people running Windows or Mac OS) and ones that run under an open-source principle (hosting packages for operating systems like the Linux operating system).

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