Web hosting is not just another building block in the process to getting a website online; it is the very foundation, without a web hosting server to upload your website to, you simply cannot get your site online nor would you be able to make a domain name work, without a web hosting server to point your domain name to.
The above fact makes web hosting a crucial part of having a website, this in turn create a very lucrative and prosperous web hosting industry. Though, some analyst said web hosting industry is slowing down, but forecast and the premium price venture capitalist are prepared to pay for web hosting company suggests that it is still a very strong and vibrant industry. However, the market is gradually saturating, which makes web hosting companies work hard to retain their customers and even much harder to gain new customers.
This high level of competitiveness made web hosting companies CEOs and Marketing managers come up new innovative ways to market their services. One such marketing innovation was the latching on to the new popular theme of concern for the environment, this lead to the birth of green web hosting.
Green web hosting does not only help improve the image of a hosting company by being labelled as environment friendly but hosting companies charge a premium price for green hosting as well.
One such company is Servage, a German web hosting company. Servage sent out a mail shot to its customers recently saying its “making a strong effort to be an ecologically efficient company, thus trying to reduce amounts of waste, using environment friendly materials, minimizing power consumption”
Servage is offering its customers the option to have their website hosted on servers powered by renewable energy. Servage did not specify the particular type of renewable energy it’s using but it did specify the additional price its customers has to pay for “Eco Hosting”. For additional £0.69 per month, your hosting will be green on the Eco Hosting plan.
Apart from existing regular web hosting company adding green web hosting options to their offering, there are new hosting companies that started with green ethos, right from the beginning. This type of Eco Web Hosting companies put a lot more thoughts into being green than just powering their servers with renewal energy. The entire hosting infrastructure is build with ecology in mind, and the products were sourced based on how efficiently they use energy rather than price and speed consideration alone.
Eco Web Hosting, Environment friendly web hosts or whatever you call this kind of hosting is still relatively new, however the trend to be more environment friendly in all we do has finally filtered into the web hosting industry, this make Eco web hosting also know as green web hosting a growth sector for the web hosting industry.

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