Link Bidding.eu is an good promoted web directory . your link is shown in a category page inside the website. We offer users the chance to pay however much they like for their listing. If users want maximum exposure for their listing in order to gain better traffic, they can increase the bid on it, so it will show on the home page.

Why get your site listed in Linkbidding.eu ?

Improved Search Engine Rankings

A listing in our bidding web directory counts as a quality backlink to your site. Link popularity is one of the most important factors in search engine performance. Search engines measure the importance of a website based on the number of quality backlinks it has. Therefore a listing in our bidding web directory can help to contribute towards your search engine rankings.
Better Traffic
As our bidding web directory sorts listings by the amount bidded, webmasters can get better brand recognition and traffic to their sites than on any other normal web directory. By bidding high on each category page, or even onto the home page, sites will gain better traffic to their site for being in a more prominent position.

Brand Recognition

When marketing online, it is important for webmasters to promote their brand name, as this creates familiarity with possible future customers when they may want to buy a product or service that your site offers. Bidding high on the web directory can allow future customers to see your brand name, and may help bring those customers to you in the future, if your brand name remains familiar to you.

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