Today happened to be a very good day for me; Full of excitement, anxiety, nervousness, joy difficult to describe all those emotions all over the day. And its not all without a reason, there is one.

I have been preparing my domain name Life is Colourful to shoot at PR5 within next Google PR update, but at the same time, I was thinking to use this domain name constructively. Well actually, I was trying to setup my same domain name for two different website. And since morning, I was fighting with GoDaddy.com to setup my domain names properly. Right now this domain name has around 1000 backlinks [data by domain-pop.com ] and ready to get good PR in next update.

I dont remember the exact flow of my activities in past few days, but I came across a website LinkBidScript.com and then eventually led to a webmaster forum. This Link Bidding was something I always thinking about to have and decided to finally give it a try. And why shall not I, when it was free to download along with free installation and support from the nice Link Bid Script support team.
Little bit tweaking with the domain name, the web hosting and there was Mr Dark to help me out for installation of my very own link bid directory, Wow! I messaged him all the details and was anxious about the outcome. Literally, I finished my lunch in 5 minutes to get back online. My wife was astonished to see my speed and my eagerness to get back on my laptop.

And there was a message lying in my inbox about the successful installation. Now there was time to play around, I was almost in touch with LBS support team all day to resolve my issues [There were many dumb questions, I apologize to LBS Team for that]. They not only helped me all day, but started sending me links to add in the directory.

He suggested me to exchange links with other link bid directories as well, so you all peeps out there, dont forget to ping me. I would prefer to do 3-way, 4-way link exchanges and reciprocal link exchanges as well.

I will make sure that all you webmasters adding the links to this lively link bid directory, gonna get good PR backlink. I always try to increase the backlinks for my domain names and make them valuable enough. Right now my plan for this directory is to make it at least PR5 directory with good traffic. This place gonna be surely a high value backlink for you in near future, so dont miss the chance to buy the link in my link bid directory for as low as $1 right away!

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