UKwebUK is a UK web director y which features many websites and
businesses from all across the United Kingdom. UKwebUK is intended to be
a highly valuable resource of family friendly websites and services
aimed at the casual web user and also the many UK webmasters who are
looking to get their sites noticed. This UK web directory is not only a haven
for commercial sites but also for the many other types of websites out
there that offer information, services and advice to the UK public.

Very much time and effort has been put into UKwebUK in order to achieve
a quality resource of UK based websites. All submissions are carefully
human reviewed and checked to ensure that they follow the criteria to be
listed. But it does not stop there we are on the look out for useful,
informative quality uk websites, if they meet the listing criteria and
offer an outstanding service they may well be added manually.

The basic criteria to be listed as follows:

* Must be uk related.
* Domain containing UK preferred but not essential.
* Description must clearly describe what is offered to UK
* Services offered are for UK residents.

This is only the outline of what to expect. For a more detailed view
please refer to the Submission Guidlines.

What else do we offer?
The UKDestinations category is soon to have all the information, guides
and links to accommodation at all the most attractive locations from
around the UK. To make your search easier there is also a section
listing all UK counties.
Herein you will find a list of all 86 counties in the United Kingdom
designed for websites which offer services on a local level. For example
you own a business in Lancashire you may choose this section to be
listed if you want to target people in your area rather than the entire
UK. Similarly tourist or attraction sites may also want to be listed
based on their area.

UKwebUK has a section for Travel Abroad, while these listings will
inevitably contain destinations outside of the UK it is intended for
websites that are targeting UK residents, such as those destinations
that are popular with the UK public.

Whatever kind of website or business you are running if it is family
friendly, UK based and aimed to please you will be welcomed with open
arms at UKwebUK web directory. We strongly urge you to submit your site

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